you tart!

Despite the fact that I am a massive guts I’ve never really been one to finish a home cooked meal off with a dessert. The most I’ve been known to do was pop over to the nearest milk bar and buy a couple of paddle pops. I’ve always admired people (like miss g) who could pull off making dessert after their dinner with the the slightest of ease. So when I had to cook dinner the other week for some of Joel’s friends (and their kids) I decided I needed to dazzle them with a well rounded dinner which meant a dessert I could pull off after a couple of vinos.  Once again I turned to Jamie Oliver’s website and found this fantastic tarte recipe. Not only was it super easy to make (which was critical in my slightly inebriated state) but it was super delicious and everyone was well impressed. Instead of crème fraîche I rolled balls of vanilla ice cream in roasted desiccated coconut which finished this dessert off beautifully. I decided to repeat the magic last night at Matt’s house with even better results! The caramel was super gooey and deliciously sweet…. looks like I do have a sweet tooth after all!


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One Response to you tart!

  1. whateverscoolwithme says:

    I am so very proud of you, ladyface!!
    The tart looks divine, and I’m sure it tasted incredible too! I have clicked on the link and printed the recipe – but maybe you’ll make it for me before you go….?? xx

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