Travel forward in time.


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It’s so so hard to know what to pack for the trip of a lifetime. You have wonderous visions of what you’ll wear during your adventures, and in the weeks leading up to your departure, you’ll desperately grab all the pieces you need to form that image.  But sometimes, the picture you imagine is different to what actually happens.  What do you do then?? Do you begrudgingly pull out the things you purchased, hoping they’ll suffice, but being crushed by the realisation that “this is not the right outfit to wear to Joel’s birthday dinner.  I only want to wear that little number I spied in Opening Ceremony this afternoon.”

Because travelling new countries and experiencing new cultures is all about becoming a sponge. Absorbing the food, the music, the language, the art, the food, and the people.  And of course, the food. And all of those things combine in a way that shapes and molds you into a new versian of yourself.  Still the same you, but a bit, better. And whilst that new person still has all the same memories , characteristics and traits that make you ‘you’, there are some new things now, that change the way you feel, that change the way you see things, and hear things.  AND THIS NEW PERSON SOMETIMES DOESNT FIT WITH THE OLD YOU’S WARDROBE.

Everything you buy that is ‘new’ now, will be old by the time you get to the states. Everything you see will be more beautiful, more exciting, more spine-tinglingly incredible then anything you can get here.

So, before you cry and yell obscenities at me, think for a second. Wouldnt you prefer to buy something for the new you that hasnt arrived yet?

(p.s I’ve had that dress in my inspirational folder for a couple of months too! Is it too late to say that I love it?)


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Emilie is in New York, and Georgia is in Melbourne, Australia. This is where their daily dialogue about fashion, music, art & stuff-they-love continues.
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