OBSESSED. a bit.


You see,  with the 30% off sale on until Aug 23rd, I just couldn’t resist!  And, as it turns out, you only pay one shipping amount – the same amount for 2 or 3 pairs.  And delivery time was a total of 4 days from Sweden to Melbourne – how rad is that!? LOVE.


About Whatever's cool with me

Emilie is in New York, and Georgia is in Melbourne, Australia. This is where their daily dialogue about fashion, music, art & stuff-they-love continues.
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One Response to OBSESSED. a bit.

  1. whateverscoolwithme says:

    soooooo jealous!
    but i can not lie to you miss g – i also bought a pair of the black covered ones (just the high, not super high) and they’re on their way to me as i type…. can’t wait for a bit of cheeky heel action that i can actually walk in….

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