Summer just won’t be the same without this.

After watching this beautiful mini-film on Garance Dore, and several Youtube reviews, I am now very keen to aquire one  of these for myself.  It feels like this is the Super 8 camera for our generation!! (Big statement, I know. And not saying Super 8 isn’t still awesome.)
The Pure Digital Flip Ultra II camcorder looks like a cell phone, and has only one mode – EASY. One button for start & stop, one button for delete. A couple more buttons for stuff that’s boring. What else do you need to know? WELL, the picture & sound is really good. And it has a built in USB for easy uploading.
They retail for anywhere from $180-350 online, and I’m wondering what I can sell so I can afford one.
Got any ideas how I can (legally) make some fast cash??
flip video file_4
flip video file_5



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One Response to Summer just won’t be the same without this.

  1. whateverscoolwithme says:

    stop it!!! i don’t believe it, we were hanging out with the guy – jacob, who designed this!!!! it’s even better in the flesh. get one i say!!! i’d be insanely jealous! missing you heaps and love you madly – sorry for using this as a forum for my love to you but god damn it – i miss my best friend – what more can i say. am currently in a little surf town, puerto escondido, my freckles have started to join together and i’m rocking a healthy tinge of ginge. heaven i tell you!!!! drinking a coffee infused mezcal while i write – all too fabulous for my liking. let the good times rolls, xxxx

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