The Cambridge Satchel Company

How beautiful are these satchels?!? I am in looooove.  I have been hunting for these kinds of vintage bags on Ebay & Etsy for FOREVER, so I’m very excited to discover this brand.

I read this little bit on their website, about how the company began:

“The Cambridge Satchel Company Ltd has come a long way in a short time, a little over a year old we are proud to say that we are flourishing, it just goes to show that quality and design shine out and are still valued. I started Cambridge Satchel when I grew tired of the bags my children had – each decorated with something that they would tire of quickly and each seeming to grow grubbier by the minute, with not a hope of cleaning.”

What a cool mum!?

They’re obviously doing quite well, because the bags have been spotted at Milan fashion week, in Italian Vogue, and on several celebs out on the town.

Ok, so now the only problem. What colour? What size!? And a Batchel or a Satchel !??!

All pics are from their website. More info here.


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3 Responses to The Cambridge Satchel Company

  1. Eve says:

    Check out this site if you are a fan of the Quirky British Satchel.

    Original – British – Classic and Cool!

  2. Eve says:

    Tom Browns Traditional Satchels – Oxford England

    A Truly British Affair

    Check out this site if you are a fan of the Quirky British Satchel, they are just gorgeous. This is the Original – British Classic.

    So darn geeky and cool!

  3. Paula says:

    I LOVE the colors!

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