what’s for dinner?

where we eat vs where we’d like to eat once we earn some $$$

Vanessa’s Dumplings – nyc institution and china town favorite, sometimes i have been know to go there 7 times a week. 4 X fried dumplings = $1, you’re making money! I also get the chicken and sweet corn soup for $1.25 and they do a duck and coriander sesame pancake sandwich (more like greek flat bread not really a pancake) that is also delicious.

PHO BANG – Vietnamese pho, filling, cheap and tasty (maybe a little bit salty but for $5 who’s to complain). I also love their selection of chili sauces and generous helpings of pho trimmings. I’ve started getting the grilled chicken pho – which comes with a good sized piece on grilled chicken on the side that you can cut up and add to your pho.

Jiffy Pop! I love this stuff in fact you could almost say I’m obsessed with it. It’s quite simply the best stove top pop corn going round and is a million times better than any microwave pop corn. fact.

Now for the really good ones – these are the places we walk past all the time and dream of eating at once we have some $$$ – there’s a whole heap more to add to this section, so consider it a work in progress….

Fette Sau – ribs and other meaty bbq treats. whenever we walk past here you can smell the bbq sauce and it’s criminal. I want it sooooo bad, i even dream of licking this sauce off my fingers after devouring a plate of ribs. oh man, i know it’s going to be amazing…..

El Almacen – this place is right near our train stop and looks so cute and inviting. Not too sure what they do in there but i can’t wait to find out…. I’m sure it’s delicious!

I think this place may be a Jamaican burger hut but I’m not too sure. I really love the sign. During summer I really wanted to go in there and sample some of their burgers but never got around to it. Then when we got back this winter it was closed….. mmmmmnnn…. and just reopened the other day. I’m not going to make the same mistake twice and plan on getting in there soon.


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