Counting down to 30 – A camera.

I  turn 30 in October. And whilst I COULD turn this blog post into a detailed list of all my misgivings and concerns about turning that dreaded number, I won’t. That wouldn’t be fun for any of us.
Instead, I have decided to regularly list all those gifts I dream about receiving on that day. They are all wildly ridiculous, and it is very unlikely that I shall receive any of them! However, this does not deter me from torturing myself with the thought of extravagant gifts.

Extravagant Gift Idea #1: A Camera

This is the Canon G11 DSLR. A friend of mine has this camera, and I think it is one of the most beautiful cameras I have ever seen.
I would use this to take photos of my cats, and my shoes, and dogs at cafes. And whatever else I fancy. It retails for about $AUS799, which I think is quite reasonable, don’t you?


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