summer weddings (and all apologies…)

ok. firstly let’s get the apologies out of the way. no excuses really – just been too lazy/busy with work and all to blog.

that’s going to change as of now (i kinda promise).

so i have 2 European (ooh la-la!) summer weddings coming up, which if i was dripping in dollars would be all too amazing. Unfortunately for me i am not and so will need to find an incredible vintage dress with an even more incredible price (a trip to Staten Island could be on the cards as the nyc vintage prices don’t fit the bill).

However is money was no issue (or i had a sugar daddy on hand) these would be my pick of dream dresses – think garden party, summer fun – the kind of dresses that would look just as fine with your shoes kicked off as you dance the night away to kokomo… 

No.6 Safari Dress




Zucca L/S Tahiti Dress


Rachel Comey Ipswitch Brogue Wedge


Rachel Comey's Farer's Dress


Future Classics Modern Peasant Maxi Dress

the sunset sandal


NORMA KAMALI 80's Floral Drop Waist Dress

(I am secretly in love with the vintage Norma Kamali pieces – even if they do go for a little too much on ebay and esty sometimes)

and i am also completely in love with these pants (thinking would look amazing with just a well cut black silk cami…. like the one you gave me last time i was home…)

United Bamboo Shiny Pants- Pink

and these shoes (even though there is no way I could ever walk in them!)

Opening Ceremony - w2 bow heel - printed


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Emilie is in New York, and Georgia is in Melbourne, Australia. This is where their daily dialogue about fashion, music, art & stuff-they-love continues.
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