New Love – Freunde von Freunden

Freunde von Freunden is a recent discovery for me, and one that is feeding my addiction of cool house sneak-peeks. Think along the lines of The Selby, but German.
Of particular interest, is the home of Axel van Axel (the best name I have ever heard), who is an architect and designer based in Berlin.  It would take me ages to Google translate the interview from German to English, so for now I’m just basing my opinion, and this post, solely on the following photos.
Have a look at these & then we’ll review.

[All images courtesy of Freunde von Freunden.]

Ok, let’s start with the obvious – all white, open plan, large windows. Awesome potential to do whatever you want! And space, space, space.
Next, the kitchen area. So sleek and simple and functional, and not clouded by overhead cupboards and utensils and general kitchen stuff. I think it fits into the large living space seamlessly, and is a nice change from a specific room filled with kitchen things.
Minimal furniture, not ‘minimalist furniture’, but actually not very much furniture to speak out. Just enough. And every piece has function and character.
Art, pot plants, decorative elements & personal items – Axel has this part beautifully balanced. Enough personal elements to make the space his own, but an exercise in restraint.
I get the sense that everything in his home has earned it’s place.

x Georgia


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