A study of backpacks.

As expected, I can only think of one thing right now. India.
I’m writing the lists – What To Pack, What To Buy, Where To Go, Where To Stay, etc.

Now, I need a bag. Last time we went to India, I had a small black leather Deadly Ponies shoulder bag, but it wasn’t quite right, and I always regretted taking something bigger. What I need, is something I can use on a daily basis, that is comfortable to wear/carry, and something that the mister won’t mind wearing/carrying, in the event that he may need to. Something sturdy, preferably leather.
SEE MY DILEMMA…?  A slouchy shoulder bag, or cute satchel will not do!

So this post is all about backpacks. Not satchels, shoulder bags, tote bags or shoppers. Because, even though I have thought, at length, about the validity of them all, the only bag that really makes sense is a backpack.  But I don’t own a backpack, and most of them out there are beyond ugly.

My search has begun, and here are the few I have shortlisted. Please, please, tell me what you think.

Vintage red leather backpack, from etsy.com
PROS: Red! Leather, smallish, cute, bright colour, fun.
CONS: RED! Too small, very girly (Not sure the mister would want to hold this for me, say, if i needed to tie my shoelace.).

Vintage tan leather backpack, from etsy.com
PROS: Tan, leather, cute lookin’, not too big.
CONS: Maybe a bit small? but otherwise pretty cute.

Vintage Navy Leather Super Sport backpack, from etsy.com
PROS: Navy, leather, cute sporty design, kind of retro, reminds me of a backpack Ihad when I was little, masculine enough that the mister would probably want to carry it.
CONS: Reminds me of a backpack I had when I was little, and a bit too masculine?

Fjallraven Black Canvas backpack, from Creatures Of Comfort.
PROS: Black (good colour, will match our luggage), good size, masculine enough for both the mister or I to carry, simple design (won’t regret buying it in 2 years time.)
CONS: Too big? Too masculine? A bit expensive ($US80 plus shipping, cos I can’t find these anywhere in Australia.)

In conclusion, I still have no idea. I’m kind of flipping between the first two, but I think it would be better to choose one that the mister doesn’t hate, in case he has to carry it, you know? The thing is, there are an infinite amount of  backpacks out there, and I have only hit the tip of the iceberg. Any suggestions? Have you seen my perfect bag somewhere? Do me a favour, and let a girl know.

x Georgia

P.S If someone wants to send me one of those divine Rachel Comey backpacks, I will gratefully accept! Thanks!

[Images courtesy of Etsy.com and Creatures Of Comfort.]


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