guilty pleasures

is it the provocative ad campagians?

the classic and terribly desirable 12 shades?

the prestigiously glam packaging?

or the rich and creamy texture, verging on plain perfection that many a beauty blogger has hailed as genius?

for me all of the above.

and if I had a sugar daddy I’d have no hesitation in spending $45 per color on at least the Vanilla Suede, Cherry Lush, Pink Dusk and True Coral.


About Whatever's cool with me

Emilie is in New York, and Georgia is in Melbourne, Australia. This is where their daily dialogue about fashion, music, art & stuff-they-love continues.
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2 Responses to guilty pleasures

  1. Whatever's cool with me says:

    Ooooo Tom Ford lippy….How hot is the packaging??

  2. hannah-rose says:

    i have warm sable! they are indeed very sexy, the packaging, the creamy texture, the colours that pop! mmmm tom ford hahaha.


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