Day tripper.

Ok, so every once in a while even a city girl needs to get out into the bush and breathe some fresh air.
This past weekend, the mister and I piled into our trusty wagon and headed out into the bush for a day trip. At first we had thought, hey! let’s go and see the last of the snow on Mount Baw Baw. But instead, we took the advice of my brother, N, and headed in the direction of the closer and more accessable Mount Donna Buang (he he he funny name, huh?). Turns out, though, that the road up to the summit was closed.
All was not lost – we just followed the road back down the other side of the mountain and explored the forest.

Man, there was some incredible views! So scenic & dreamy! Misty and drizzly, and so beautiful, even in the cold.

I realllllly need a bigger better lense – I couldn’t get any closer to this paddock of deer, and all I wanted to do was photograph all those adorable bambis!

The road then lead us to Healesville, where we stopped for lunch at the Healesville Hotel, having read a very complimentary review here.  Unfortunately, our experience was less than favourable, but we won’t dwell on that.

We decided on a slightly different route home, via Kinglake and Whittlesea, now famous for the horrendous Black Saturday bushfires that devastated the area in February 2009. We were completely shocked to see that the forest was still charred, but a dense coverage of fresh green growth was renewing the landscape.

A pretty incredible sight, huh?

Something about the clean mountain air, and the feeling that we were a long way from the daily grind, made us feel instantly relaxed. We were just so happy to be out of the city – can you blame us for getting a bit silly with the self-timer?!

x Georgia


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Emilie is in New York, and Georgia is in Melbourne, Australia. This is where their daily dialogue about fashion, music, art & stuff-they-love continues.
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