Flat packed.

These flat, zip-up clutch purses are all over the internet right now.
Every magazine editor has one, and every street style blogger is photographing them.
But I just can’t help it – brace yourself for one more post.

They hit on every trend that’s big right now – Leather, Colour, & Simple elegance.
And it seems that everyone it recognising how handy these little leather sacks are, because you can pick up a version from American Apparel, Claire Vivier, & Celine.
Or, you can jump over to Style Scrapbook, via A Pair And  a Spare, and look of the DIY instructions.
For once, it’s not just the colours that are appealing to me.  These purses are a fast-fix.
They’re also affordable & functional.  So that’s all the boxes on my checklist ticked.
Don’t they just make so much sense?
Ok, one last question – do I buy one, or make one…?

x Georgia

[Images courtesy of Tommy Ton & style.com, American Apparel, Clare Vivier, & Style Scrapbook.]


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Emilie is in New York, and Georgia is in Melbourne, Australia. This is where their daily dialogue about fashion, music, art & stuff-they-love continues.
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One Response to Flat packed.

  1. Hannah-Rose says:

    oh my… the stuff of dreams!! i have the AA one and it’s fantastic, but more grungy than i’d like. so maybe i need the celine one too? hahahah… my favourite is the two tone. we actually have taylor’s blue one at DJs and it’s actually 3 pochettes attached to a long chain.. i think i prefer the two tone look, there’s one that is like a neon peach and a plain tan. now that would be perfect..

    present? hahaha.. hope you’re well friend! when are you coming to sydney? send me an email hryee1@hotmail.com


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