Hair and now.

Something’s missing. Last night, as I reached over to switch of my lamp, I caught a glimpse of some old photobooth photos. Black and white, blurry and over exposed on the edges, and it hit me. It’s my hair. Something’s not right with my hair.
Let’s backtrack.
I had long platinum blonde hair with a blunt fringe for a couple years. It was my thing, and I loved it. And then one day I woke up and it didn’t feel like me anymore.
So I spent 6 months growing out my fringe, and asked my faithful friend Jayson to try and get my hair back to whatever the hell my natural colour is. And it’s been great! In fact, I’ve really enjoyed it. Now, my fringe is well & truly grown out, and my hair is healthy and shiny.
Fast forward to late last night, laying there, trying to sleep, and realising I am ready for a change.
Here’s the hairspiration. What hair would you pick, if you were me?

[via turned out, all the pretty birds, vanessa jackman,]

Also, apologies for my absence. There’s so much I need to catch you guys up on, but my day job is ruling my life right now. Promise I’ll be back to regular blogging really soon.

x Georgia


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Emilie is in New York, and Georgia is in Melbourne, Australia. This is where their daily dialogue about fashion, music, art & stuff-they-love continues.
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2 Responses to Hair and now.

  1. Alicia says:

    Option C!!!!

  2. Adele says:

    The first two look extremely similar to me. Medium length blonde hair, only one’s in a ponytail and one is down. Definitely C, ombres are really beautiful and suit everyone. They can also be done to look very classic and feminine or rough around the edges, up to you.

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