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Rugged up, keeping busy inside. Baby, it’s cold outside. x Georgia Advertisements

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Dreaming of bare arms and legs.

Beautifully captured by Tommy Ton, for x Georgia

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Had to have it.

Just picked up this little antique friendship bracelet on Etsy. Engraved with friend’s names, and threaded on silk ribbon, could this bracelet be any more perfect? Now, hurry up, Mr postman. x Georgia

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Celine Resort 2012.

Great accessories, awesome floral prints, beautiful palette, and the trench coat that everyone will want (and every high street store will copy). Another brilliant collection by PP. x Georgia {images courtesy of}

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Hi there. Missed me? I’m clawing my way back from the brink, slowly.  I have been sneezy and feverish and tired and whingy. Yep, an absolute dream to be around. But now my cold is almost gone, and I am … Continue reading

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3.1 Phillip Lim Resort 2012.

An exercise in wearable perfection. I’ll take one of everything, please. x Georgia {images courtesy of}

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t h r e e

Three years married to the best dude in the world. Thanks for the laughs, C. x Georgia P.S I’ve been quite busy with my off-blog life, but I promise I’ll be back soon. Thanks for your patience.

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