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You need to see this: J Crew now ships worldwide

How did I only just hear about this? Actually, I was catching up on the action over at Veronica Loves Archie, and saw it there.This is a problem, you guys. Have you seen their baby stuff…? Uh-oh. Go shopping at … Continue reading

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Absentee and absent-minded

I’m writing to you from the countdown phase, with only weeks until the babe arrives and changes our lives forever. I’ve finished up at work, which is both a relief and completely daunting at the same time. And now I’m … Continue reading

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Addiction / Confession.

  I haven’t been round here much lately, but don’t take that as a sign that I am missing from the interwebs. Oh, no. In actual fact, I have been tending to my latest addiction. Pinterest, an online scrapbook where … Continue reading

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India Block Printing

Would two trips to India in a year be a little extravagant? Found here.

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Updated links.

You’ve got no spare time? Work’s piling up? Heaps of emails to respond to, and bills to pay? TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY! I have updated my links,  which means you now have a valid reason to procrastinate and look … Continue reading

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Get these on your feet.

And for once, I’m not talking about shoes. I’m talking about socks! With the colder weather, brings cooler toes and chillier heels. So hows about putting some of these socks on your feet? top to bottom: happy socks, topshop. x … Continue reading

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Wild Animal.

Who new that my dream every-day bag would be leopard ponyskin, and less than 300 clams!?? I KNOW, it’s as much of a surprise to me, as it is to you! That, and the fact that I have searched every … Continue reading

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