You need to see this: J Crew now ships worldwide


How did I only just hear about this? Actually, I was catching up on the action over at Veronica Loves Archie, and saw it there.
This is a problem, you guys. Have you seen their baby stuff…? Uh-oh.

Go shopping at J Crew, now.

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Absentee and absent-minded

I’m writing to you from the countdown phase, with only weeks until the babe arrives and changes our lives forever. I’ve finished up at work, which is both a relief and completely daunting at the same time. And now I’m just trying to prepare as best I can for what’s ahead.
I think it’s only fair to acknowledge that my lovely blog has fallen by the wayside, and I’m not sure if and when I’ll ever be in a position to blog like I have in the past. Maybe my blog will take on a new incarnation once the babe is here? Food for thought.
Until then, you can find me more regularly on pinterest. I will try to pop in from time to time, but as the title of this post suggests, I may forget.

But wait! Just when you thought I was about to sign off – here’s something pretty.
Because it wouldn’t be a WCWM blog post if it didn’t feature something I am coveting. I have Winter on my mind, and more urgently,  having my waist back. Both are represented in this gorgeous outfit.

I can wear something like this whilst pushing a pram, right?

ImageThe Dress & Co Parisian Shawl Coat, available here.


P.S And for those who were wondering….it’s a BOY!

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Sorry for such a long and unexplained absence. But I promise I have good a excuse…
…the husband & I are expecting a little one next April! Eeeeee!
There, I said it. Feels good to finally say it out loud!
The last couple of months have been filled with morning-noon-&-night-sickness, and lot’s of extremely early nights. But now I’ve hit the 14 week mark and I’m feeling much better.
So you can expect to see me around here a bit more now.
On the plus side, my pinterest has been working over time, so feel free to have a snoop around over there.

It’s so good to be back. What have I missed?

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Acid Brights :: J Crew Spring 2012

Don’t J Crew make Summer look fun?
Not sure I could pull off such intense acid brights, but I’ll certainly be giving it a try.
[images courtesy of]
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Proposition: A Detacher Spring 2012

I agree with Maya Singer, who wrote  “A Detacher is Lanvin for Brooklyn girls.”
This is exactly what I want to wear this Summer.
Actually, every Summer. Comfortable, cute dresses, with simple shoes.
That’s my Summer inspiration done.

[images courtesy of]
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Want :: La Garconne – Moderne.

This is how I want to dress everyday. More awesomeness here.
Sorry I’ve been a little absent lately.
My work/life/blog balance is all out of whack.
Bear with me. Hopefully see you really soon.
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Love:: Rodarte for Opening Ceremony Fall/Winter 2011

I couldn’t resist. I find these images so beautiful and hypnotic, and just a tiny bit haunting.
More incredible images  here.
Hope you’re having a nice weekend.
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